Setup your online store with just UPI VPA; Save on Payment Gateway charges

Are you a small store owner trying to expand market by going online? There are two ways to go about setting an online store.

One is that you setup your own store by buying domain name, installing appropriate server software and setting up payment mechanisms. This involves understanding of tech and needs time and cost.

Second option is to go with an online store vendor. They setup the store for you and they maintain it. But they charge monthly fees. And there is charges to be made to payment gateways which is typically 3% of every sales and also annual fees.

Both options put financial strain for a small store vendor. Here is where Kiasa’s solution comes in handy.

Kiasa’s e-Store platform allows a small store vendor to quickly setup an online store without worrying about tech details. And it avoids charges to payment gateways by using UPI mechanism.

You enter your UPI VPA in configuration and any payments made by customer directly comes to your account! UPI is free, works 24×7 and is blessed by Government of India. There are many UPI apps available now including BHIM, Google Pay, Whatsapp, PhonePe, PayTM etc.

When customer orders from mobile, he sees a link in checkout page for payment. When customer clicks it, it takes him to the UPI apps that he has installed in his mobile. He can choose any of the app for payment. If customer orders from PC, he sees a QR code on checkout screen. Customer can use a UPI app to scan and pay to store vendor.

Kiasa is ideal for a small businesses to expand the sales across India easily!!

For a free trial, start by clicking here

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