How to sell without Woocommerce site

If you are small shopowner, who does not want to have a website, here is an easier way to get payments using UPI! I guess you are now selling through Whatsapp, Facebook, Webpages, Email, SMS and so on. What you need is PAYMENT LINK What is a payment link? Payment links are easy mechanism to […]

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Setup your online store with just UPI VPA; Save on Payment Gateway charges

Are you a small store owner trying to expand market by going online? There are two ways to go about setting an online store. One is that you setup your own store by buying domain name, installing appropriate server software and setting up payment mechanisms. This involves understanding of tech and needs time and cost. […]

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Woocommerce Plugin for your e-store – that uses only UPI

Woocommerce is a popular Plugin in WordPress. Many online stores are setup using Woocommerce and it is widely popular. To get payments, typically a shop owner ties up with a Payment Gateway. Payment Gateway allows payment through many channels like Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking etc. But they charge commission on each sale […]

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